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Ser Casasandra ResortDotted along the picturesque coastline of Holbox Island, nestled between the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico, stands Ser Casasandra, an unrivalled paradise for nature enthusiasts. This summer, the sanctuary is set to revolutionize tourism by introducing a groundbreaking package, the ‘Untamed Wildlife’ adventure, designed to facilitate an unforgettable immersion into the lives of whale sharks and the awe-inspiring ecosystem surrounding them.

During the balmy months from June to September, the warm currents of the Gulf of Mexico beckon majestic whale sharks as they forage for plankton. Globally, Holbox Island has secured its fame as a premier spot for travellers seeking to encounter these benign behemoths at close quarters.

The ‘Untamed Wildlife’ package goes beyond mere sightseeing, allowing visitors to engage with the varied marine life, including turtles, barracudas, stingrays, and more. Coupled with this, the opportunity to witness over 150 distinct bird species in their natural habitat positions Ser Casasandra as the destination for seeing nature’s raw beauty.

Ser Casasandra Master Suite

Ser Casasandra Master Suite

Preservation is central to this novel experience. While swimming alongside the whale sharks, visitors must maintain a minimum of 5m distance to avoid disturbance. Similarly, a 10m distance from the tour boat is mandatory. Entry into the water is carefully monitored, and diving is strictly prohibited. On-hand experts ensure no noise-generating devices are used, and touching any marine creatures or corals is prohibited, underlining the property’s dedication to sustainable tourism.

Notably, guests are treated to a mesmerizing bioluminescence tour along the shoreline. This natural light show, resulting from the emission of light by living organisms, adds a magical touch to the entire experience. Expert guides can shed light on these rare occurrences and discuss local conservation efforts, adding an educational layer to the adventure.

The ‘Untamed Wildlife’ experience is deeply rooted in the ethos of Ser Casasandra. Located within the Yum Balam reserve in the Yucatán Peninsula, the property plays a significant role in the established ecological conservation endeavours, safeguarding the diverse wildlife and marine life endemic to the island.

The ‘Untamed Wildlife’ adventure, available from June 15 to September 15, starts at USD$2,360 and offers various personalized services. The package includes a three-night stay in accommodations of choice and round-trip transfers. Guests also enjoy exclusive discounted experiences, such as a welcome cocktail at Casasandra, continental breakfast, a whale shark swim tour, snorkelling at Cabo Catoche (box lunch and drinks included), a bioluminescence experience, tequila tasting at Tequila O’clock bar, a guided tour of Holbox town, morning yoga classes, and bicycles to traverse the island.

The ‘Untamed Wildlife’ package from Ser Casasandra allows travellers to escape the mundane, immersing themselves in unparalleled wildlife experiences and local cultural exploration, all without compromising on luxury.

For additional details on the ‘Untamed Wildlife’ package, please visit Ser Casasandra’s official website: Ser Casasandra Packages.




Written by: Jill Walsh