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EF Go Ahead ToursEF Go Ahead Tours, a titan in experiential educational travel, is set to further broaden their African panorama by unveiling two novel itineraries to Kenya. Intriguingly, one of these ventures is exclusively designed for the ever-growing tribe of solo travellers.

Set against one of the planet’s prime wildlife hotspots, these Kenyan sojourns accentuate the nation’s conservation initiatives. Equally, they shine a light on Kenya’s vibrant culture, transcending the common perception of the country as just a game reserve.

A Solo-Only Safari Odyssey

First in line is the ‘Kenya Wildlife Safari for Solo Travelers.’ This 10-day extravaganza, extendable to 13 days with a Zanzibar extension, can accommodate between 6 and 12 travellers. You will be whisked off to the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust elephant nursery on this expedition. This a genuine, heartwarming encounter where you’ll gain an insight into the lives of orphaned elephants and their tireless keepers. The trust’s extensive conservation work spanning Kenya further adds depth to your journey.

Another highlight includes a stopover at Sandstorm Kenya. Born from humble beginnings as a safari tent maker, this enterprise now sustains 40 Maasai craftspeople who meticulously handcraft totes, backpacks, and other bag styles using local canvas and leather. For a detailed itinerary, available dates, and pricing, click here.

Kenya Culture & Wildlife Safari: A Confluence of Experiences

The second edition, ‘Kenya Culture & Wildlife Safari: Samburu to Maasai Mara,’ is an 11-day cultural immersion, extendable to 14 days with a Southern Kenya extension. This safari, suitable for 6-20 travellers, takes you beyond the well-trodden paths of Maasai Mara to the lesser-explored locales like the Samburu National Reserve. Housing a unique blend of fauna, it presents an opportunity to witness wildlife often only seen in enthusiasts’ dreams.

The tour breaks away from the wildlife narrative with a relaxing lunch at a verdant tea farm and a visit to the Ubuntu Life Foundation. This laudable organization works relentlessly to improve the health and educational facilities for children with special needs, promoting inclusion across Kenya. For a detailed itinerary, available dates, and pricing, click here.

These fresh additions to EF Go Ahead Tours’ repertoire will join an impressive list of African journeys, which include Tanzania, Egypt, Morocco, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Ghana, and South Africa. Introducing these unique Kenyan itineraries reaffirms EF Go Ahead Tours‘ commitment to delivering diverse and enriching travel experiences tailored to the evolving preferences of modern globetrotters.




Written by: Matthew Thomas