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Immerse yourself in the awesome beauty of the sub-Arctic landscapes in Churchill, Manitoba, the ‘polar bear capital of the world’, and feel that sharp quiver of excitement as you stand in proximity to the mighty polar bear.

The annual migration of polar bears onto the expansive sea ice during October and November make Churchill a major drawcard for travellers seeking meaningful wildlife experiences, with unparalleled accessibility for observing these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat.

As the cold weather descends, the polar bears socialise along the shoreline of Hudson Bay, eagerly awaiting the formation of the sea ice, which allows them to resume their winter feasting on seals until the thawing of the spring ice in June.

Read on for five ways to plan your bucket-list polar bear adventure:

Climb aboard an all-terrain vehicle
Frontiers North, Lazy Bear Expeditions and Great White Bear Tours operate all-terrain viewing vehicles that stand over 13 feet tall. In the presence of these colossal vehicles, even an adult polar bear standing at nearly three metres tall pales in comparison. Frontiers North recently launched the world’s first Electric Vehicle Tundra Buggy®, providing a completely silent, non-intrusive touring experience and reducing its environmental impact through zero-emission vehicle technology.

For a more intimate and eco-friendly experience, Churchill Wild presents the innovative ‘rhino’ tundra vehicle . These innovative vehicles easily navigate the boggy lowlands and tidal flats to get you closer to your goal of seeing bears.

Walk among the polar bears
Churchill is the only place in the world that offers a polar bear walking tour. Arrive by bush plane, immersing yourself in the untouched wilderness surrounding one of Churchill Wild’s three secluded wilderness lodges, each one ideally placed in remote areas for the ultimate polar bear safari experience.

Take a daily, guided hike across the tundra to view polar bears and other Arctic wildlife up close and personal, in their natural habitat. Get ready for the adrenaline rush of your life as you witness the apex predator of the Arctic sans barriers.

Indulge your taste buds with tundra-inspired cuisine and impeccable Canadian wine, and spend your evenings gazing skyward to witness the majestic northern lights.

Stay in a ‘tundra hotel’
Frontiers North and Great White Bear offer a unique train-like lodge dwelling, parked on the tundra, providing guests with an extraordinary fusion of comfort and adventure, featuring outdoor viewing platforms, individual sleeping berths and large windows for round-the-clock polar bear viewing.

These tundra vehicle lodges are positioned in locations with the highest polar bear activity. During the day, tundra vehicles take guests on wildlife viewing adventures before returning them to these special tundra dwellings for the night. Experience breathtaking sunsets as vibrant orange hues paint the glittering snow and ice, and enjoy prime viewing of the ethereal northern lights in the evening.

Meet the Lords of the Arctic
The Churchill Northern Studies Centre offers science-based learning holidays, centred around a world-class working research facility. Delve into contemporary issues impacting the environment and wildlife of the north and witness the annual migration of Churchill’s polar bears on the renowned Lords of the Arctic tour on a custom-built tundra vehicle.

This two-day adventure includes a heli-tour along the rugged coastline of Hudson Bay, a dog sledding excursion and a tour of the township. In the evening, be captivated by bear biologists who unveil the secrets of these remarkable creatures and the challenges they are facing in a warming climate.

Independent polar bear adventures
Adventure into the sub-arctic with Discover Churchill on a guided day tour. Traverse a network of scenic trails that wind along the picturesque shoreline of Hudson Bay from the comfort of Land Rover vehicles positioned along the polar bear migration route. Capture the photographs of a lifetime as you step out of the vehicle with your guide and immerse yourself in the untamed beauty of the sub-Arctic environment.


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