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Derry Girls Mural Derry Northern IrelandFans of the internationally popular TV series Derry Girls will be thrilled with the newly launched immersive exhibition at the renowned Tower Museum in Derry~Londonderry. The highly anticipated exhibition, facilitated through the collaborative efforts of the series creator, Lisa McGee, and Hat Trick Productions, invites fans to explore a nostalgic cornucopia of authentic props and memorabilia.

Since the BAFTA-winning comedy series, Derry Girls, debuted on television screens, it has resonated deeply with global audiences, tugging heartstrings and evoking laughter with its portrayal of adolescent life during Northern Ireland’s challenging ‘Troubles’ era. The Tower Museum exhibition opened on July 3 and promises to be an exciting draw for international fans, offering an intimate look into the show’s distinctive world for an entire year.

Visitors can revisit their favourite moments from the show through an extensive collection of instantly recognizable items, like Erin’s diary, the notorious 90s-style jumper of Ma’s imprinted with bacon and potatoes, and the characters’ ID cards and uniforms. Unforgettable show memorabilia, such as Tayto crisp bags and a replica of the Good Friday Agreement, are among the other fascinating items on display. To enhance the viewing experience, each item is accompanied by memorable quotes from the series that provide context and revive memories of the show’s charmingly sharp dialogue.

The extraordinary exhibition pays homage to the popular series and celebrates the life and experiences of the creator, Lisa McGee, who drew from her adolescent experiences growing up in Derry~Londonderry to create the show. The heartwarming series, which follows the daily life of four girls and one boy navigating through teenage life, has garnered critical acclaim and various awards, including prestigious BAFTA awards for McGee and actor Siobhán McSweeney.

Beyond its success in the awards scene, Derry Girls has gained international recognition through the streaming platform Netflix. It showcases the city’s spirit, resilience, and distinctive humour, contrasting the grim backdrop of the ‘Troubles’.

The exhibition is part of a broader fan experience initiative, offering thematic activities to help fans immerse themselves in the Derry Girls’ universe. These activities include guided tours showcasing significant show locations, such as Pump Street and the Guildhall, and even stopping at the specially commissioned Derry Girls mural on Orchard Street by UV Arts. Food lovers can indulge in the Derry Girls Food Tour, which features tasting sessions of the girls’ favourite foods and an opportunity to participate in a cream horn baking session at Doherty’s Bakery.

Additionally, fans can enjoy the Derry Girls Afternoon Tea at the Everglades Hotel, which offers a gastronomic adventure of the famous Derry sausage roll baps, Tayto cheese and onion crisp sandwiches, and other local tray bake favourites.

Visitors should not miss the chance to delve into the city’s deep history by visiting the 400-year-old city walls and the Tower Museum’s permanent exhibit, ‘The Story of Derry’. For the ultimate Derry Girls experience, fans can recreate James’s iconic season 2 finale scene by proclaiming, “I am a Derry girl!” atop the city wall.

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Written by: Anne Keam