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City Bathing, an urban immersion company founded by Jaime Crowe, is set to transform the way locals and visitors experience and engage with New York City.

With transformative walking tours launching July 15, 2023, City Bathing debuts their signature Urban Immersion practices that aim to help people incorporate more mindfulness, sensory exploration, intentional observation, and reflection into their lives. Through this unique approach, City Bathing aims to foster a renewed love for the city, inspire healing and comfort, and empower participants in their urban surroundings.

Taking inspiration from the concept of forest bathing, City Bathing introduces an urban twist that embraces the dynamic energy of city life. By mindfully engaging with the urban environment, participants enhance their well-being through carefully curated experiences that cultivate self-awareness, emotional resilience, and a deeper connection to the city.

City Bathing recognizes that urban environments can be both stimulating and overwhelming. Instead of viewing the city as a source of stress, City Bathing sees it as a rich tapestry for exploration and self-discovery.

During a City Bathing walking tour, participants are encouraged to intentionally notice the sights, sounds, smells, and textures of the urban environment. This practice cultivates a deeper appreciation for the present moment and fosters a profound sense of connection with the city and its energy. Space is also given for guests to reflect on their experiences, allowing for a deeper understanding of their relationship with the heart of the city.

“This practice to me is personal,” said Jaime Crowe, Founder of City Bathing and licensed NYC guide. “I struggled with mental health issues for many years, yet when I began incorporating mindfulness on my walks in the city, I found the practice created an internal shift that reduced my anxiety and helped me focus on the present moment. The more I walked with intention, the better I felt.”

Offerings include public and private group walking tours, as well as individual and custom experiences for corporate and educational groups. City Bathing’s walking tours encompass a variety of locations, including Central Park and urban neighborhoods like the Upper West Side, offering participants the opportunity to explore both the tranquility of nature and the vibrant cityscape.

“Every neighborhood and park in New York City has its own unique charm and energy,” Crowe said. “By offering walking tours in locations like Central Park and the Upper West Side, we aim to showcase the diverse facets of the city and provide a holistic experience that allows participants to slow down and connect with different aspects of urban life and with themselves.”

As the demand for holistic well-being practices rises, City Bathing is poised to become a leader in the emerging field of urban mindfulness and immersion.

For more information about City Bathing and their transformative urban immersion experiences visit www.citybathing.com  or contact Jaime Crowe at info@citybathing.com or 929-520-0776.