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Airbus QantasLink A220 Mid Fuse in Mirabel pre-FALThe Qantas Group has embarked on a pioneering journey in Australia’s aviation industry with the commencement of its first Airbus A220’s construction, marking a notable point of progression in its extensive fleet renewal initiative. The assembly of the aircraft’s major airframe components is currently underway at the Airbus manufacturing facility located in Mirabel, Canada. The debut A220, being the first in Australia, is set to arrive in the country before the year ends.

QantasLink, the regional division of the Qantas Group, is eagerly anticipating the arrival of the first of the 29 planned aircraft. The aircraft will undergo stringent regulatory checks, airport readiness, and training sessions before officially integrating into the QantasLink fleet, expectedly by early 2024.Airbus QantasLink A220

Meanwhile, QantasLink has initiated training for its pilots to operate the cutting-edge aircraft, anticipating the gradual phasing out of the Boeing 717 fleet currently operating on various routes across Australia.

The launch of the first QantasLink A220 will initially see flights connecting Melbourne and Canberra. Subsequent additions to the fleet will serve the broader regional and domestic network. The A220, with a range nearly twice that of the 717, holds promising potential for the establishment of new domestic and short-haul international routes as the fleet expands.

In line with the production progression, Qantas Group has unveiled an innovative initiative, calling upon Australians to participate in the naming of its brand-new A220 fleet, centred around a ‘native wildlife’ theme. Australians are encouraged to nominate up to six names via a dedicated page on Qantas’s official website. A shortlist will then be unveiled for public voting, with the final names revealed subsequently. Qantas organized a similar competition in 2017 for its Boeing 787 Dreamliner fleet, which received over 10,000 entries.

Airbus_QantasLink A220_Mid Fuse in Mirabel pre-FAL (5)QantasLink CEO John Gissing expressed his excitement at this milestone in the airline’s fleet renewal process. He affirmed that the A220 embodies the next generation of domestic aircraft in passenger comfort, range, and crew opportunities. The anticipation is rife, with Australians nationwide set to participate in deciding the names that will adorn these aircraft, which will reflect Australia’s distinctive and diverse wildlife.

To contribute to this nationwide endeavour of naming the new QantasLink A220 fleet, Australians can visit qantas.com/a220name by 8 August 2023.

Part of the Qantas Group’s ambitious Project Winton fleet renewal program, the Group has ordered 29 Airbus A220s, with potential options to purchase more, culminating in a possible total of up to 299 new aircraft replacing and expanding its narrowbody fleet. This massive investment means the Group will be receiving a new aircraft roughly every three weeks in the next few years.

By 2024, a total of seven A220s are expected to be in service, eventually reaching a total of 29 aircraft by 2027. Designed to seat 137 passengers in a two-cabin layout, with 10 Business and 127 Economy seats, the A220s will primarily connect smaller capital cities, such as Canberra and Hobart, with major hubs in Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney.

The A220 boasts a range of over 6,000 kilometres, almost twice that of the 717, making it capable of flying between any city in Australia. This next-gen aircraft is also designed to be fuel-efficient, burning 28% less fuel per seat than the 717.




Written by: Christine Nguyen