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A VILLAGE ACCESSIBLE TO ALLThe historic Place de la Concorde, one of Paris’s most revered landmarks, is poised to become the heartbeat of the Rugby World Cup 2023. From 8th September to 28th October, this distinguished square will transform into a vibrant rugby hub.

On 11th July, Pierre Rabadan, Paris’s Deputy Mayor for Sports, the Olympic and Paralympic Games, and the Seine revealed an action-packed programme for the Paris Rugby Village, emphasizing the city’s commitment to accessibility and environmental sustainability.

The Paris Rugby Village promises an immersive rugby experience with interactive entertainment zones and giant screens for live World Cup match broadcasts. The site will house four screens for the grand opening match between France and New Zealand on 8th September.

The Paris Rugby Village will include a rugby entertainment and promotional area, plus two giant screens to broadcast World Cup matches.

The Paris Rugby Village will include rugby entertainment, a promotional area, and two giant screens to broadcast World Cup matches.

A plethora of attractions await visitors, from intriguing discovery areas and photo booths to the official France 2023 merchandise shop. With exhibition spaces, a central stage for DJ sets, and various performances, the excitement never ceases. The ‘Bouillon’ restaurant chain and various catering zones will satisfy the culinary cravings of Parisians and tourists alike.

With an impressive capacity of 15,000, the village can accommodate up to 39,000 enthusiasts on the opening day. Moreover, should France reach the finals, an additional 120 volunteers, including disability support staff, will be on hand.

RMC Radio will broadcast their popular ‘Le Super Moscato Show’ live from their public stand within the village.

The grand opening is set for 14:00 on 8th September, coinciding with the inaugural France-New Zealand match at 21:15. A riveting concert on the main stage marks the start of the festivities, offering a unique rugby celebration in the heart of Paris!

A collaboration with CAPSAAA, an association dedicated to promoting sports among the disabled, will facilitate daily introductory wheelchair rugby sessions with two professional athletes. Additionally, various rugby events organized by local clubs and associations will provide learning opportunities for the city’s priority target groups.

Specially designed as an accessible haven, the Paris Rugby Village ensures that the events are fully accessible to individuals with disabilities. Every space, from traffic areas and catering zones to entertainment sections, is meticulously planned to accommodate everyone, making it a truly international celebration.

Environmental responsibility is also a key focus, mirroring the City of Paris’s staunch policy to eliminate single-use plastic by 2024. The Paris Rugby Village is determined to uphold this ambition through food waste reduction, compostable containers, product traceability, and organic waste recovery.

Partnering with De Facto, an eco-responsible food packaging expert, the village will use recycled containers in all catering areas. Also, water fountains provided by Eau de Paris will ensure hydration needs are met. Varied food options catering to different dietary needs will be available.

Furthermore, visitors can participate in educational workshops on sustainable development run by Les Connexions, a company dedicated to eco-responsibility. Not-for-profit association La Recyclerie Sportive and the Recycling Rugby association will also offer hands-on workshops promoting upcycling and recycling, respectively.

The Tackle HIV campaign bus, featuring photos of Gareth Thomas, former rugby player and campaign figurehead, will be present to raise public awareness about HIV. Supported by World Rugby, the bus tour will commence in September, with a special stop at the Paris Rugby Village on the opening weekend.

The Paris Rugby Village is free for all and will be open on Thursdays for French team matches and every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 14:00 to 23:30. It will be located on the east side of the Place de la Concorde, between the Tuileries Gardens and the centre of the square.

Preparations for the Paris Rugby Village will start on 9th August with the erection of the official shop, aiming for completion by 23rd August. Efforts will be taken to limit disruptions to local residents during the setup.

For more information, visit the official Rugby World Cup 2023 website.




Written by: Don Power