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WEDDING CAPITAL OF THE WORLD™In a recent meeting organized by the Wedding Capital of the World™, an assortment of Southern Nevada businesses, we have had the opportunity to gather crucial insights into Gen Z’s blossoming impact on the destination wedding market. The forecast was announced at the annual Wedding Industry 2023 event, shedding light on the ever-evolving Las Vegas wedding industry’s global stance and imminent trends.

Clark County Clerk Lynn Marie Goya and Clark County Commissioner Michael Naft, along with the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority, the Vegas Wedding Chamber, and others, unveiled their findings a few months before the iconic 70th Anniversary Celebration of the Wedding Capital of the World™, scheduled for September 3 at Caesars Palace.

The data outlined an exciting prospect: North America’s destination wedding market, currently worth $3.493 billion, is poised to soar to an estimated $8.166 billion by 2033. These figures were outlined in the comprehensive Global & North America Industry Analysis 2017-2021 and Opportunity Assessment 2022-2032. Key drivers behind this anticipated surge include the growing demand for stress-free weddings, destinations with optimal weather, extended quality time with guests, and well-serviced wedding locales.

Southern Nevada, in 2021, held a 3.5% share of the US destination wedding market, as per Clark County Clerk’s marriage license data. Out-of-town couples snapped up 80% of the licenses issued in Clark County in 2022, with nearly 15% coming from international markets.

While millennials made up 53.1% of those marrying in Las Vegas in 2022, Gen Z is fast catching up, capturing 8.9% of the market. With sustainability being a significant concern for Gen Z, integrating eco-friendly brands into wedding packages is a promising strategy. Since 57% of Gen Z are inclined to pay more for environmentally-friendly brands, integrating sustainability and carbon offset details into wedding products and services seems like a winning move. The stress-free wedding experience remains a top priority for this generation.

Much like millennials, over 80% of American Gen Z travellers seek unique experiences when planning their vacations. To maximize success, destination wedding professionals could consider collaborations in entertainment, transportation, hospitality, and restaurants to craft unforgettable group experiences.

Social media continues to be a powerful tool in marketing to younger consumers. As per the industry analysis, 22% of customers found social media highly influential in their destination wedding planning. Gen Z, spending over four hours a day on social media platforms, strongly prefers mobile-first experiences for research and booking and is constantly looking for Instagram and TikTok-worthy experiences.

The destination marketing trends extend to cultural and heritage locations, personalization, wedding planners, customized wedding tour packages, eco-friendly weddings, and an increased focus on honeymoon travel and destination weddings. Drone videography is also steadily edging out traditional methods.

A new wave of consumer preferences is emerging, favouring high-value premium spots that offer a unique blend of quality service, uniqueness, and personalization. “Premiumization” is rapidly gaining traction, bridging the gap between economic and luxury destinations.

To learn more about the Wedding Capital of the World™ or the Office of the Clark County Clerk, Nevada, visit weddings.vegas.




Written by: Matthew Thomas