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Kurulu Bay in Sri Lanka Credit - Fiona Walker-ArnottIn the heart of Sri Lanka lies a newly unveiled paradise, Kurulu Bay, nestled along the tranquil Koggala Lake, offering a blend of unparalleled beauty, bespoke services, and unspoiled natural wonder. This enchanting eco-resort and spa was unveiled in November 2022, marking an exciting development in the resurgence of Sri Lanka’s tourism sector.

Named ‘Kurulu,’ Sinhalese for ‘bird,’ the resort serves as a private sanctuary where nature and serenity meld perfectly. An idyllic retreat for nature enthusiasts, over a hundred avian species provide a skyward spectacle over the resort. Yet, Kurulu Bay caters to more than just nature lovers. Yoga and meditation enthusiasts, surfers, and luxury seekers find this retreat nothing short of a dream.Kurulu Bay Dining

Among the highlights of Kurulu Bay are the 14 distinctively designed suites and cottages dotted along the Koggala Lake banks. These dwellings pay homage to the unique flora and fauna that call the lagoon home. Each accommodation option offers a unique personality, from one- and two-bedroom villas to raised treehouses and local cottages. All are designed in the aesthetic spirit of The Kurulu House, the resort’s central structure designed by Channa Daswatte, a disciple of the famed tropical designer Geoffrey Bawa.

The architectural blend of 1960s Florida and Bawa tropical modernism showcased by The Kurulu House is complemented by the contemporary design of the rooms and suites brought to life by A00, a Shanghai-based, award-winning architecture firm. The Kurulu House is primarily used to host events and retreats and can be rented privately.

Delightful culinary experiences await guests at The Kitchen at Kurulu Bay. The resort prides itself on its all-day menu featuring organic greens, fresh seafood, and local specialties. Signature dishes such as prawns with poached eggs on brioche, lagoon crab pasta, and seared yellowfin tuna with balsamic miso epitomize the restaurant’s commitment to local, fresh, and sumptuous offerings.

Kurulu Bay in Sri Lanka Credit - Fiona Walker-Arnott

Kurulu Bay in Sri Lanka

The vision for this haven of tranquillity was brought to life by Shahzad Malik, the genius behind the renowned Fort Printers Hotel in Galle Fort, a UNESCO site in Colombo. Kurulu Bay is a beacon of hope for Sri Lanka’s hospitality industry, which has weathered numerous challenges, including the Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent crises. Every booking at Kurulu Bay marks a novel experience for the visitor and signifies a fresh chapter for Sri Lanka’s tourism.

The resort is a gateway to a variety of intriguing experiences. Guests can explore the lagoon’s islands, learn about Sri Lankan cinnamon production, or visit Buddhist temples adorned with ancient wall paintings. A short trip to the surfer’s paradise, Ahangama, or the nearby Kabalana beach might appeal to those seeking adventure. Alternatively, guests can luxuriate by the pool, attend daily yoga and meditation classes, or receive rejuvenating treatments at the resort’s spa.

For more information or to make a reservation, visit the official Kurulu Bay website, kurulubay.com. Room rates start from $250 USD per double room, including breakfast. Outside guests can also enjoy spa day passes, including a meal, yoga class, and spa treatment, for USD$150.




Written by: Madhura Katti